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Polyright EN

Our solutions for 
leisure and events

Solutions for members, subscribers, visitors and staff.

Our solutions

  • ID and membership cards (EID)
  • Cashless payment at checkouts, vending machines and car parks, etc. (electronic wallet)
  • Loading and managing the account via the Secanda app
  • Access to buildings, areas, individual rooms and lockers (offline/online solution)





Polyright combines all functions in ONE single card !

Enjoy the benefits now !


ID management, design, printing and encoding of RFID cards, reporting, management of the Secanda Cashless wallet, vending machines, etc.

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Micanda cash desk

Modern, elegant cash desk compatible with all payment types. Management of tables and stock levels.
Can be used with or without Secanda.

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Access control

Secure and reliable access control. Robust hardware with easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial surface. Can be used with or without Secanda.

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RFID cards and tags

Polyright specialises in the marketing and development of systems based on RFID smart cards. We provide and preprint your cards in line with your requirements.

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Our partners can fully rely on us