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Manage the different needs of your students/collaborators with a single secure identity

Secanda is Polyright’s highly efficient and ergonomic solution for the management of all ID card functions (EID).


Creation of personal records, import/export of people, creation of personalised fields, creation/import of photos.


Management of person data, card encoding, card blocking, multi-category management, user profile management, batch management.


Black/white or colour printing, duplex printing, TRW printing, batch printing.


Account status, link with ERP, pre-loading or debiting, load centres.

The features

Improve security and productivity while cutting costs.

Account management

• Management of personal accounts

• Management of cost centres

• Transfers from account to account

• Online account management

• At the cash desks
• At the payment terminals
• At vending/coffee machines
Loading the account

• Via Secanda Cashless – web app

• Via the loaders

• Via the cash desks and payment terminals

Products included with Secanda

Secanda Manager

Secanda Manager allows you to manage all the functionalities of an identification card (EID) in an efficient and ergonomic way.

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Secanda App

Our solution for managing your account online. Top up your account or check your transactions completely securely from any mobile device.
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Payment terminal

Extend the Polyright payment options in just a few minutes!

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Vending machines

You can also extend cashless payment to your vending/coffee machines.

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Netprinting allows you to manage printing and photocopying costs in a professional, highly efficient and detailed way.
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Fixed pricing terminal

This payment terminal is designed to ensure quick and easy payment for fixed-price menus. The total is debited as soon as the card is presented in front of the reader.

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Balance check terminal

Very accessible and discreet, this terminal allows anyone to check their card balance and recent transaction history.

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Counting terminal

The Smart Base is an ideal, easy-to-use solution for cashless billing compatible with all types of machines.

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The loader is the device used for topping up the Polyright electronic wallet.

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Self-contained information and validation module. It allows users to check their accounts or validate their cards.

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The use of our connected platform allows you to manage RFID solutions securely, rapidly and intuitively.

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Card printers

Easy-to-use and security printing. Several models available to meet various needs.

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Our mission : To continually explore the possibilities of RFID technology and the online wallet by providing our customers with software solutions, added-value systems and expertise.
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