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What's new

December 2021

The two subsidiaries Polyright AG and Multi Access AG merge.

We are thus perfectly positioned for the future in the Swiss market. The employees of Multi Access will be integrated into the Polyright team and will continue to be available to you with competence.
Welcome to the Polyright family!

December 2021

New telephone numbers for our Polyright office in Regensdorf.

From now on you can reach our Regensdorf office via our main number +41 27 303 50 00.

The existing numbers with +41 44 877 90 xx are no longer used.

October 2021

The Basel-Stadt education department is relying on a centralized solution from Polyright AG.

A central solution for the management of IDs and contactless payments, including a cashiering solution for all secondary schools and, from 2022, for elementary school.

October 2019

Polyright - THE solution at the training center in Uster (BZU).

Student and employee cards, cashless payment, netprinting and parking.

June 2019

EHC Visp
Season tickets in the form of a visual identity and admission card. Cashless payment in the stadium.

July 2021

Moving to our new offices in Sion.

Polyright is moving to the Promenade du Canal 83 in Sion (former address: Rue Oscar-Bider 54 in Sion). Spacious and tastefully refurbished premises.

July 2019

Sauber Motorsport AG (Alpha Romeo Racing).

Security with personalized visual ID cards for employees and visitors

March 2019

JSSVS JAGD und Sportsch├╝tzenverein Selgis.
Security Thanks to personalized visual ID cards and electronic access control as well as cashless payment.